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Channel Your Inner Picasso at Lucky Penny

Writer : Blog Editor

You don’t need any prior painting experience or a reservation to unleash your inner artist at Lucky Penny. Owner Lindsay Wilson McNamara designed her studio with the novice in mind, inspired by her frequent visits to a similar shop that she loved. All you need is an hour or two to become an artist.

To get started, simply show up. Lucky Penny is packed with shelves of ceramics that you can pick up and start painting. Pieces run the gamut from simple mugs and bowls to seasonally inspired decorations, so take your pick. They also span a large price range, so whether you have $5 or $50 to spend, you’ll be able to find something that suits you. After paying the small studio fee ($5), you’ll have access to all the paint you need to complete your masterpiece—as well as any guidance you want from the staff. Then hand your work of art over to get fired and glazed, and come back to Lucky Penny in about a week to pick up the finished product.